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This Program is specifically designed to help you achieve your first bar muscle up!
Pre - Requisites
1-3 Strict Pull-ups
4-10 TTB
4-10 Kipping Pull-ups
1-3 CTB Pull-ups

Throughout this program, we will be focusing on Strength, Skills & Body awareness/control. The program is 3 days per week & works perfectly alongside general training programs. Each session will take around 20-30 Minutes, except session 1 which will have some testing alongside normal programming.

The 3 days are broken up into Skills & Specific strength training, Upper Body Hypertrophy & Midline + Skills. We have built-in plenty of variety to keep this program fun and engaging.

Join our 6-week program & let us help you get your very first bar muscle up!


Get Your FIRST Bar Muscle Up Pro