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Why The Kettlebell Is the #1 Piece Of Gym Equipment & Why YOU Should Have One In Your Home Gym

The Kettlebell is possibly the most versatile piece of gym equipment on the market. Its entry-level skill requirement, combined with its cost, mobility, versatility & application to any sport, allows it to become one of the most outstanding items for YOUR home gym set-up

3 Foolproof reason's why YOU should own a Kettlebell;

  1. Extremely Versatile

The kettlebell is a piece of equipment that can do absolutely everything & anything. It can be swung, pressed, pulled, pushed, squatted, carried & held, it can be applied to any training methodology to help increase your strength, power, conditioning, endurance, mobility, stability, and speed.

2. Cheap & Space Conscious

The kettlebell is space-conscious, only requiring a 1x1 meter area to perform essentially any movement you can think of. This also allows it to be used in any home gym set-up, on the road, in a gym, or at a competition.

3. Functional

When you think 'Kettlebell' most people think of taking in the groceries, carrying bails of hay, and moving water jerries. The kettlebell is designed to replicate everyday life, whether you work in an office, or on a farm. The kettlebell is shaped to mirror these functional movement patterns.

Want some kettlebell workout ideas?

10 CrossFit® Workouts Done With A Kettlebell

Are you looking to purchase YOUR first Kettlebell?

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