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Want a Bar Muscle-up?

👉 Are you practicing the skills but lacking the strength?

⚡Add these 4 exercises to your workout routine to help develop that upper body strength!

🟠 Pull-ups - 3 x 8

- Building adequate upper body strength will help complement your ability to pull your body to the bar, with the correct shapes being maintained, the pull-up does this well.

🔵 Meadow Row - 3 x 10-12/side

- Developing the supporting musculature (Rear Delts, Rhomboids, Traps, Middle Back) will be ideal to have the supporting musculature play a role in stabilizing the body during the muscle-up

🟠 Farmers Carry - 3 x 30s/side

- You're going to need a good grip to hold onto the bar, building your farmer's carry will not only develop grip but stabilize muscles in your obliques and spine.

🔵 Pull-up Negatives - 2-3 x Max Effort

- The negative will develop control while maintaining a good hollow body position, we can actively move through a range of motion safely, with strong lats, biceps, and core.

Add these items to your muscle-up routine, and watch your muscle-up ability explode!

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