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Using CrossFit® To Get In Shape

Are you looking at using CrossFit as a tool to get in shape?

What is your goal?

There are 3 main reasons why people choose CrossFit as their methodology;

Simply, did you sign up at your local CrossFit box too;

A) Get in shape

B) Use CrossFit as an accessory to your current sport/endeavor

C) Compete

Once you can confidently tell me which one of these you are leaning towards, then you can truly set your sights on exactly what you need to do to be successful, using CrossFit as your methodology.

If you have chosen to use CrossFit as a tool to help YOU get in shape, I'll discuss some strategies YOU should follow to help maximize your results

How you should approach training

'Getting in shape'

Of course, this is the broadest way of describing someone whos looking at dropping a few kilos or putting on some lean muscle, but in its simplest, your initial goal is consistency with your training. Once you can show up to your local box with minimal motivation, even have a genuine want to go to the gym, you've already climbed the biggest obstacle.

When approaching workouts, you need to;

- Focus on hitting more circuit-style workouts

Things that are between 10-25 Minutes in length, have basic movements and aren't too complex or high impact. There's absolutely no need for you to be doing rebounding box jumps or handstand walk obstacles.

- Keep track of your PR's

This will help habit adherence, as you are more likely to keep doing something you are improving at

- Leave your ego at the door

I don't care what you could do 20 years ago, all that matters is what you can do right now.

If you follow these simple principles, I guarantee your CrossFit journey will be smoother than butter

Want to try a 'Minimal' equipment program to build your squat?

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