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Training Should Be Fun

Grinding through a session for the sake of it might work in the short term, but if there's no passion, no drive behind what you are doing, it either won't be effective, or it won't last.

Training should be FUN

This doesn't mean it shouldn't be easy, but what it does mean is;

Maybe the type of training you are doing is getting stale, you need to challenge yourself more, or perhaps you need to taper off a bit.

Too much volume, too much demand for intensity, and not enough progression can cause mental burnout, here are 3 suggestions to make your training fun

1) Develop a Skill

Gymnastics, Calisthenics, Olympic weightlifting, mobility, and eye coordination are great skills that require patients, challenge the athlete, and have massive rewards for progression when executed correctly. Be sure to only challenge yourself 5% above your current level of skill.

2) Taper off

Do CrossFit 2x a day/6 Days a week?

Maybe it's time to back off the volume and focuses on enjoying the class, spend more time socializing with the community, and trade the extra session for swimming, going to the beach, hiking, and walks. This will reset that overload of the one modality and give you the part you need to go again

3) Training Partners

You might love CrossFit, you might truly enjoy the 2x day sessions, the 40-minute EMOMS. But maybe what you need is some comradery.

Someone there to push you, someone there to humble you, but keep you accountable.

Military and law enforcement bonds are some of the toughest in the world, purely created from a shared trauma.

Now even though a gym doesn't compare to a battlefield, it does have shared trauma, something you can use to create a bond like none other.

Find a friend who is roughly the same ability level or higher as you, and watch you both push each other.

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