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The CrossFit Quarter Finals were...


Aside from the fact that the quarter-finals didn't pay anyone a cent for performing...

The CrossFit Quarter Finals was a spectacle to watch!

- They introduced some movements that have massive carryover to the affiliate class workouts (V-Ups and Cross-overs)

- The workouts didn't have too much volume (Previous years had soul-crushing amounts of pistols and Ring Muscle-ups)

- Workouts 1/3/5, if they were an event at regionals would be an absolutely insane event to watch (Due to the changing weights and movements, this made these workouts easy to track)

- Workout 3 was literally 15 Heavy AF Clean and jerks for time which was awesome to watch

These factors, plus the simple progressive ability buy-in, allowed many athletes to participate, even if they physically couldn't complete a certain movement.

I can't wait to see the semi-finals, and what they have installed for us.

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