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Struggle To String Together Multiple Bar Muscle-ups?

Can you perform a Bar muscle-up, but struggle to string together that second rep?

🤯 You may be creating TOO much momentum in the transition from the support to the arch, here are 2 ways to reduce the momentum, but regain the initiative when it comes to the Bar muscle-up

🔴 Thread The Needle

- When you're at the top of the muscle-up,

👉Think: Dropdown

🤬Don't: Push Away

- If we drop directly into the next muscle-up, we aren't creating a violent, uncontrollable momentum.

🔵 The Redip

- If threading the needle doesn't work for you, redipping it into the bottom support position on the bar does the same trick. Bent the elbows until the rib cage is on the rig, before initiating the arch position for the next rep

🫡 Add these 2 concepts into your muscle-up training, and start stringing together multiple reps, more efficiently.

📱If you are still struggling to hit your FIRST Bar muscle-up, check out the "First Bar Muscle-up Program"

🏠 @unboundathletic



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