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Struggle to perform big sets of push-ups?

The Push-up is one of our most basic calisthenic movements for upper body pushing strength.

Mainly focusing on the Chest, Triceps, Delts, and Core, the push-up has massive carryover to other pushing movements like;

- The Burpee

- The Pike Push-up

- The Handstand Push-up

- Bench Press Variations

Whether it imitates parts of these movement patterns or it compliments the strength and positioning, there's no doubt it is an essential movement to master

But do you struggle to perform more than a few push-ups without fatiguing?

If the answer is YES, here are a few drills and strategies to add to YOUR training to help improve your push-up ability


Obvious? Yes, but progressively overloading our push-ups is key, no movement will better build a movement...Then the movement itself!

By adding more consistent push-up volume to YOUR program, you can maximize your ability to perform more reps, with less rest, which is key for Military and Law enforcement personnel


Bent Over Rows/Scap Pull-ups/Plank Push-up Holds

These 3 movements are vital for developing stability and supporting musculature to complement the push-up.

If you can't hold your body weight for more than 20s, how can you expect to do more than 20s worth of push-ups?

Add these 3 exercises to your routine to improve the ability to maintain good technique in our push-up

If you are looking for a full 4 week program, click the link down below

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