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If You Want To Build Your Deadlift...

There's more to building a big deadlift than lifting heavy, Add these concepts into your training and watch your deadlift improve massively!

🟢 Technique

- Lift your warm-up weight in the same matter as your 1RM

- Earn the right to add weight to the bar (If it moves poorly, repeat the same weight)

🟣 Disadvantaged Position

- Tempo

- Pause

- Accommodating Load

- Hex Bar

- Overhand Grip

- Stiff Legged/Romanian

Lifting from a disadvantaged position will force your body to work harder, stabilize more, activate more muscle, and focus on positioning, which can still be progressively overloaded compared to just adding load.

🔵 Single Leg Work

- Improve deficiencies in weaker legs

- Improve stabilization through the legs

- Builds weaker, supporting muscles

🟡 Posterior Work

- Builds a strong 'Table' like back to support the load you're trying to lift, safely

- Acts as body armor

- Farmers Carries, Back Extensions, Good Mornings, Reverse Hypers, RDLs, Sandbag work, all good exercises to develop a strong posterior chain

Adding these concepts will help improve your deadlift ability, posture, stability, strength, and consistency, all while keeping you safer, for longer


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