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How To Get YOUR First DOUBLE UNDER (Follow This Easy Progression To Get Double Unders Quickly!)

Double Unders for many, can be one of the most stressful exercises to perform.

Not only does it require copious amounts of coordination, agility & balance, but it also has a habit of physically punishing you for poor performance.

But by mastering the basics, and taking the time to develop the correct technique, your double under traineeship can be a much more painless, more enjoyable experience, by following these simple steps.

1. Rope Type/Length

Firstly, focusing on the type of rope you have will be important. Generally, for beginners, ropes with bigger handles, and a rope you can see will make life far more easier for those first few double unders.

As you advance in skill & proficiency, your rope can become thinner, and your handles can become smaller.

Length-wise, you want your rope handles to sit just under your armpits when you stand on the skipping rope.

2. Elbow positioning

Simple, tucked in. Of course, when you begin to jump, they will flare ever so slightly, but avoid going all the way out.

3. Master the Single Skip

Before we can run, we must walk. Here is a simple progression to get you from a simple skip to the beginning stages of a double under;

The Progression;

  • Single Skip: 3 x 10

(Focus on finding your tempo, use the wrists to generate power in the rope, if you feel it in your shoulders, you are most likely doing it wrong!)

  • Test: 50 Unbroken

(Once you can perform 50 UNBROKEN single skips, we progress to something a little harder)

  • Power Jump (Single + Single + Single w/ Big Jump) (2 x 10) TECHNIQUE!

(We are adding in the double under height for our jump, but not overcomplicating things by adding in the wrists just yet.)

Be sure NOT to brake position! (On the big jump)

  • Single, Single, Double (3 x 5) NO mistakes! FILM YOUR FORM

(Filming your form will be key to keeping yourself accountable!)

  • Single Double (3 x 5) No Mistakes! Film Your Form

Perform one single skip, then link it with a double under. STOP ONCE YOU HIT THE DOUBLE UNDER, reset & go again.

  • Double Under (5 x 1-2) Perfect technique, No donkey kicks, no break in pos.

Hopefully, that progression helped you hit your first double under!

If you are looking to further your double under ability, check out my 6-week Double Under the program to improve your strength & capacity to perform double unders.

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