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Has your bench press plateaued?

Struggling to break a PR in your bench press?

It may not be your pressing strength that's causing the lack of results.

👉You need to have a 1:1 ratio of a push to pull, yet so many people focus on benching more and don't row, pull up, or pull.

👌Add these 3 Bench Press Auxiliary Exercises to YOUR routine to improve your stability and positioning on the bench, which could move the needle

- 3 x 8/side

- Charles Poliquin states you should be able to externally rotate 10% of your 1RM for 8 Reps/side - This concept, even though extreme, could be taken at half that value (5%) and still humble even the strongest of bench presses, so adding this into your routine could move the needle and build stronger, more resilient shoulders

🟣 Serratus Anterior Raise (Liberty Raise)

- 3 x 8/Side

- Builds the Serratus, the supporting muscle to the Scapula

- 3 x 6-15

- Pause for a moment at the top

- No jerking motion

- Helps develop the Scaps, Traps, and Lats for a more stable bench pressing position

Add these 3 exercises as accessories to your current pressing routine and watch your bench press plateaus break!

Thanks to @australianstrengthcoach for providing great informational content as part of the Strength certification course (Where most of this information is directed from)


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