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Efficient Work/Rest Ratios For Each CrossFit Movement

Resting too long in CrossFit workouts could cost you thousands of places. I've made a rough guide (Still a work in progress) for bodyweight and barbell movements and how long each activity will take to perform (FOR THE AVERAGE HEIGHT/SKILL PERSON) And how much rest would be acceptable per repetition

This does not take into account fatigue and transitions between movements, because I cannot calculate how much fatigue an individual will likely have, as we are all different

Bodyweight movements

Barbell movements

If those are too hard to see, download them here;

Work_Rest Ratio Spread Sheet - Barbell
Download PDF • 64KB

Work_Rest Ratio Spread Sheet - Bodyweight
Download PDF • 62KB


THIS IS A SIMPLE GUIDE Everyone is a different shape, size, strength, and has different responses to each movement. This entire guide is based off what I predict the average person will rest per rep/set of these common movements. To find the difficulty of each movement, My simple equasion was adv rest/adv work = difficulty I am always up for discussion on improving the guide so if you have any thoughts/discussions on specific movements, DM me @tylerjaehamilton on instagram

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