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Don't Worry About What You Once Were...

Been a big Christmas? Ate tons of good food? Reminiscing on the times you might have been leaner? Fitter? More Athletic?

I hear this a ton from people who once were...(Insert your better version of yourself)

I hear their complaints, their "lack of motivation" but at one point you were motivated

There was 100% a time where you could achieve absolutely anything you set your mind to...

So what happens?

Why is it so difficult for you now to be what you once were?

Elite-level bodybuilders (Such as Ronnie Coleman) are an overexaggerated version of this point. Drastic changes in his body are stemmed from injury, lower testosterone levels, lower substance abuse, and so on.

Even though this example is on one side of the spectrum, this is still relevant to regular people, like you. You might have once been on the stage Ronnie; Fit, strong, healthy and at the top of your game both physically and mentally.

I want you to compare your life NOW to the photos and videos you look at THEN

  • Maybe now, you have a significant other, causing you to "relax" on your old standards of living

  • Maybe now, you are gunning for that new promotion at work, and dedicate more time to business, rather than health

  • Maybe now, you have a family to provide for, to look after, to prioritize

  • Or just maybe, you don't have a strong enough WHY

Regardless of what you fall under, here are 3 tips to getting back on track;

  1. Find your WHY

- You want to lose 5-10lbs... WHY?

A strong reason is something like;

I want to lose 5-10lbs because...

  • My doctor said I'm "At risk" of disease

  • I want to fit into my wedding dress

  • I want to run around more with the kids

A weak reason is something like;

  • Because I'm Fat

The more emotional connection we have to a goal, the less "Willpower" is required to act on that said goal. Have a strong reason "Why" So to give yourself no excuse not to achieve it!

2. Don't compare, Compete

"People who compare to what they once achieved, found it much more difficult to achieve what they once had"

I find the best way to stick to a goal is to make it more challenging, in the form of a competition, between my biggest rival; ME

I recently took 9 months off strength training, watching my numbers plummet into eternity.

I could sit there and cry about it, or I could focus on beating my biggest competition; The best version of yourself, and beating it!

Strength is super measurable, what I did was;

  1. Find all recorded personal bests

  2. Test what I could do now

  3. Create a plan on how I'm going to beat what I once was

3. I'm The Type Of Person That...

The third and final tip is simple;

Being self-aware

I'm the type of person that...

Gives up when facing adversity???

Quit's when the going gets tough???

Is afraid of failure?

Or are you the type of person that...

Is looking for a challenge

Is ready to be better than what they once were

Who is older, wiser, and using this knowledge, will do what they once did, but 10x better?

My question to you is;

Do you want to be the best version of yourself? Right now?

- Find you why

- Compete against yourself

- Be self-aware of how you talk to yourself

And I guarantee that you will achieve what you once had. Trust me, Because this isn't my first rodeo backward, and It won't be my last.

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