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Do you Struggle To Squat Heavy...?

👌So many guys struggle to squat heavy, simply by adding these 5 training concepts to your routine, you'll watch your squat improve massively

🟣 Technique, Mobility, Stability - Spend time in the bottom and deep-end ranges

- Activate the hips, knees, and ankles prior to squatting

- Spend more time squatting without shoes

- Squeeze your big, little toe and heel into the floor, while thinking that you have a piece of paper under your feet. Try to tear it as you descent into the squat

- Squeeze your shoulder blades, which will create a stable platform for the bar

- Bracing your core by imagining that you're about to get punched

🟢 Perform more HARD working sets

- 3 x 6

- 3 x 8

- 3 x 10

- These suck for a reason, because they are hard, but there's massive growth at the end of those sets!

- Weak legs = Weak minds

🟡 Single Leg Accessories

- RDL's

- Pistols

- Step-ups

- Hip Thrusts

🔵Bulletproof your back

- Back Extensions

- Reverse Hypers

- Single Arm Farmers Carry

📲 Add these concepts to your squat routine, and watch your squat improve massively!

👉 Check out my website in the bio to get a sample day of a beginner squat program

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