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Do you have a habit of bending your knees during the Toes To Bar?

An early knee bend in the toes to the bar can be detrimental to our efficiency in our shapes, specifically our arch position, the area that is MOST responsible for developing the momentum in the Toes To Bar

Add these movements to YOUR Routine and watch the toes to bar IMPROVE MASSIVELY

1) The Arch Pushout

Addresses the mobility requirement for the toes to the bar, by forcing the position

This will build stability in the arch, making it easier to return to this position

2) Beat Kips

Practicing maintaining good HOLLOW and ARCH shapes, Beat kips can be key to practicing the arch position in a more realistic scenario

By starting small, and generating more momentum, you can maintain the shapes and stop the early bend of the knee

3) Dynamic Kipping Toes To Bar

Adding a band on J Hooks, The Dynamic Kipping Toes To Bar is an amazing variation to force the legs to maintain tight positions, especially in the ARCH. This will also double as a great Toes To Bar Priming exercise, as it grants the user more momentum on the way up.

Add these 3 movements into your routine, and remove those nasty knee bends

If you are interested in improving your Toes To bar, The 6-Week Toes To Bar builder is a great place to start. With over 65 movements all designed to improve positions, and build stability and strength in the Toes to the bar, you'll be banging out big sets in no time

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