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Do you find it difficult to hold a barbell overhead?

Improving your Thoracic Rotation can be an essential element in improving overhead ability, and here are 3 exercises to do so

🟢 Broomstick T Spine Slider

- Great for putting our Thoracic rotation to the test

- Improves range of motion

- Simple to set-up

- 3 x 3/Side

🟡 Thread The Needle + Thoracic Rotation

- Body weight movement

- Deep breath before rotation

- Develops both sides of the thoracic spine

3 x 6/side

🔵 Seated Banded Thoracic Rotation

- Banded Element (Forces the T spine into a deeper position)

- Roller to keep hips square

Add these 3 exercises to your warm-up routine and see how much your thoracic spine improves!

Be sure to check out my Instagram @tylerjaehamilton for more content

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