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Build A Bigger Squat With These 3 Tips

1) Technique

If you have poor technique, you will have poor results. Merely by improving the way you move through a squat, you can not only increase your 1RM by upwards of 20-30 kg, but you will have a lower chance to incur an injury during training.

I'd focus first, without a bar, your ideal squatting stance; Whether your toes are forward, out, 45 degrees, and the width of your squat; Close, Parallele or Wide

Then add the barbell and move through a good, controlled range of motion.

2) Volume/Consistency

You don't need to lift heavy, to build strength. Hitting 3-5 sets of 5-10 reps consistently, applying good technique and adequate rest habits can move the needle for your squat, reducing risk, and increasing muscle mass. It's really a

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3) Find your weak point

Do you struggle to hold the weight on your back?

- Maybe you need to add more heavy barbell walk backs, to custom the body to heavy loads

Are you getting stuck in the hole?

- Pause squats can be beneficial to build the power required to escape the hole

Can't escape the pocket?

- Box squats and accommodating load can be valuable tools to build the top portion of the squat

Make sure you film yourself lifting, to ensure you, or your coach can begin the journey in improving your squat. What is measured is improved.

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