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Build A BIGGER Bench Press With These 3 Exercises

Love the Bench Press, but struggle to build the strength required to hit big numbers?

👉Add these 3 exercises to YOUR routine and watch your bench press improve!

- 3 x 10s @ 90-110% of your 1RM


- Builds lock out strength, stability, and primes your CNS for heavy lifting

- Disadvantaged variation (Requires the user to lose all momentum before exploding, which develops more time under tension)

- Competition specific (Powerlifting)

- Stops poor technique (Crashing/Bouncing)

- 4 x 6 @ RPE8/9

🟡 Helms Row (Accessory movement)

- Great accessory to compliment the bench press (Works the upperback)

- Creates a disadvantaged position (Disables the use of the pecs)

- Replicates the opposing position of a bench press (Chest supported vs back supported)

- Creates tons of tension in the muscles we WANT to work, and stops muscles activating that we DON'T want to work

- Works the Scaps/Rear Delts, which we retract and depress during the bench press

- 3 x 10 @RPE9

Add these exercises to your next bench press routine, and if you are unsure where to start when it comes to the bench press, check out my 4 Week Bench Press Program designed for beginners

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