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Back To Basics: How to Qualify For The Quarter Finals In CrossFit

- Having aspirations for quarter-finals is okay unless you haven't yet mastered the basics!

🤐Mastering the basics isn't just getting better the clean and snatch

👉 Mobility, Technique, Gymnastics Shapes, Conditioning Principles

🎭 Understanding your body, knowing what movements you are good at, and what movements you struggle with

🫡 Improving transitions, and movement standards

🤬 Don't stress about moving faster or lifting heavier until you have mastered the basics. The people who make the next stage are the ones who've mastered the basics, not the ones who lift the most or move the quickest. The lack of holes in there training and their ability to be constantly varied, performing skills and drills, 5-10 minutes a day is the reason they are out performing you in the open.

🤯 Stop doing what's sexy, and start doing whats HARD: The Basics

🏠 @unboundathletic



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