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5 Basic Nutrition Tips To Help Improve Training Performance

🟢 Eat Whole Foods Over Packaged Variations

- Shop around the outside of the shop (The aisles have processed foods)

- Fruits, Vegetables, Dairy, Poultry, Meats, Nuts, and Seeds

- If it's in a packet, there are likely some added oils, sugars, and additives that are not natural or could negatively affect your health

🟢 Serving Sizes

- Be aware of how many calories are in a serving

- Be aware of how much a serving is (How many grams or mils)

- Weight out your food!

🟢 Macronutrient Profile

- Consume adequate Protein, Carbohydrates, Fats, Water & Fibre

- For the average person, consuming;

  • Double your body weight in protein (2g Protein per 1KG bodyweight)

  • Your body weight in fats (0.8-1.1g/kg of body weight)

  • 25-35g of Fibre

  • 1ml per calorie consumed (This excludes water consumed during exercise)

  • Consume Carbohydrates to support exercise, but not fat gain

  • Pre and post-workout meals should consume a source of carbohydrates and protein

🟢 The Order of ingredients list

- The higher the item comes up on an ingredients list, means the more of that ingredient is in a packaged food item (So read the Ingredients list!)

- A paragraph on the back of a food item might be detering

🟢 Consume Fruits and Vegetables YOU enjoy

- You might not like broccoli, but if you love Green beans, consume more green beans!

- If it's forced, it's less likely to be a consistent habit

- Be sure to retry some old foods you disliked in the past! You never know what your taste buds will agree with now!

If one of these basic nutrition tips were new to you! Let me know in the comments down below!


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