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3 Beginner CrossFit® Bodyweight Workouts Done From Home (No Skill Required!)

New to CrossFit?

No Equipment?

I have you covered;

These are 3 Beginner CrossFit® Bodyweight Workouts Done From Home (No Skill Required!)

TABATA Air Squats

8 Rounds

:20 On

:10 Off

Max Air Squats

Simple, but effective. Tabata is an interval-style workout regime (:20 of Work, :10 of rest, 8 times) It originated in the research of Japanese scientist Dr. Izumi Tabata, and is a useful tool to add intensity to our training.

If you struggle with your Range Of Motion in your squat, be sure to squat back to a surface, a chair, or a medicine ball. Range of motion will produce the most amount of results.


For Time

3 Rounds

400 Meter Run

21 Burpees Over Object

Run 400 Meters, Burpee, then jump over an object 21 times, repeat for 3 rounds. Simple, discussing, but effective.

Hand Brake

For Time


Hand Release Push-ups

Walking Lunges x 2


21-15-9 is a basic repetition scheme invented to allow an athlete to maintain intensity, even late into a workout. 21-15-9 = 45 total repetitions. Hand-release push-ups are actually easier to perform, as they allow you to break the plank position that the push-up place us in. We will double the lunges for this workout (keep those sides even) 42-30-18. Finally, regular sit-ups.

Want more? But don't know where to start? Check out my programming here;

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