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My CrossFit journey began in 2013 when I was asked to join what I thought to believe was a CrossFit class. I quickly learned that it was just an elite training session that I joined. My first ever clean was a reverse bicep curl... 


Many years later, I now call CrossFit my sport. Over the years I have built the strength, skills, and capacity to call myself an RX athlete. Whilst training, I managed to also educate myself on ways to improve all aspects of training to becoming better. In 2018, I certified myself as a CrossFit L1 Coach. I worked in a CrossFit gym as a coach up until 2021 when I decided to join the Australian Military. 

After a long break from training, I was able to build my abilities and strength back to start competing in CrossFit again and help others do the same. 

Here are some fun stats for you as of July 2022: 

Grace Time: 1.32

Murph Time: 47.17

Fran Time: 2.42

Max Bench Press: 13kg (12th November 22)

Max Back Squat: 206kg (12th November 22)

Max Clean & Jerk: 142kg

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